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Home Entertainment

“Transform your living area into an enjoyable area”

Outdoor audio

Specially designed speakers for outdoors with different styles such as rock, mushroom, or on wall speakers to listen to your preferred tracks without messing up your landscape style.

Indoor audio

Listen to your music in your house through a variety of speakers from ceiling and on wall to standing ones, you can also control them, their volume, and source from your mobile phone.

Home audio

Not all who live in the home have to listen to the same track, with the multi-source multi-zone system each zone can listen to a different track while you can in anytime merge more than one or all the zones together.

Home theatre

Get the home theater experience with special speakers to obtain the surrounding sound experience and add exceptional quality to you entertainment time.

Home cinema

Transform a room in your house to a cinema with a surrounding audio system, projector and projection screen, special seats, and a room treatment with specific fabrics.